AssetCare - You are the fleet commander

Trains are built to last. But even the strongest one needs to be taken care of every now and then. We are here to help you to realise the maximum potential and return on investment of your assets.

The AssetCare solution portfolio includes all routine activities ranging from daily maintenance, preventive maintenance and troubleshooting - not forgetting our fast spare part service.

Rolling stock acquisition and lifecycle-management are demanding tasks, which can set the course of your operations for decades. We have competence in areas such as lifecycle-cost planning, development of maintenance plans, document management, consulting and training.

We bring to the table our best expertise, enabling you to make analytical and comprehensive decisions regarding your business. Freeing you to concentrate on what you do best.

Services - AssetCare 

Component Maintenance and Overhaul Services



Power Electronics

Radio Frequency

Control Electronics

Train Safety System

High voltage system

Oil Pumps

Small Electric Motor Overhaul

Train Information System Maintenance

In-House Testing Capability

Train Accumulators

Hydraulics and pneumatics

Cable Production

Sensors and Actuators

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