Plasser & Theurer OBW-100 track vehicle before 10-year revision at Denmark

First track vehicle from Denmark arrived at the Pieksämäki workshop for 10-year revision

20. August 2020
VR FleetCare carries out a 10-year revision for its customer's A/S StoreBaelt track equipment, including a wide range of refurbishment and modification work such as engine replacement, lighting modification work, installation of a camera system and a comprehensive overhaul, including e.g. bogies, wheels, hydraulics and cranes. The first Plasser & Theurer OBW-100 track vehicle arrived at the Pieksämäki Service Workshop on Wednesday, August 12, 2020.

Between Korsör and Pieksämäki the track vehicles pass conveniently by sea and road. VR FleetCare has previous experience in similar logistical arrangements, where the company brings heavy components from Estonia to Finland for overhaul. The customer is scheduled to have the first vehicle ready for use before Christmas.

“This is the first project that VR FleetCare is carrying out in Denmark, so in that sense the project is particularly interesting and significant for us. We have researched a lot of opportunities to bring similar work to Finland from our neighboring areas in the other Nordic and Baltic regions, and it would seem that there is a demand for VR FleetCare's long experience and professionalism as a rolling stock maintainer and we can meet this. At Pieksämäki, work is eagerly received and as a company we strive to ensure a high-quality service package for our customer”
Peter Guldbrand, Vice President, Sales at VR FleetCare
The first revision of the StoreBaelt delegation at the Pieksämäki Service Workshop

The Pieksämäki workshop is known for its long history as a maintenance of freight wagons, but in addition to the wagons, the workshop also does a lot of work on locomotives and track vehicles. Pieksämäki is one of the key locations in VR FleetCare’s major projects. For example, surface treatment for 102 metro wagons will be carried out there, as part of the refurbishment of the metro fleet for Helsinki City Transportation carried out by VR FleetCare.

“This project utilizes the Pieksämäki workshop’s long experience from executing service and overhaul projects to railroad maintenance vehicles. It’s a great example and reference how to extend cost efficiently service life with older vehicles. Through upgrades, these machines will also meet the todays requirements for usability and comfort. The Client is well established entity in the Danish railroad market. We are happy VR FleetCare was chosen as a partner to this project”
Teemu Kesävaara, Sales Manager at VR FleetCare


VR FleetCare has successfully tested a new IoT system for monitoring and analysing the condition of point machines in real time. The pilot project of the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, which owns the railway network, and VR FleetCare, which provides the fleet and rail infrastructure services, has yielded very promising results.
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The development of the train fleet’s maintenance programme and the management of the lifecycle are some of the key content for the new contract period. During the contract period, the co-operation will be utilized in which the service branch of Stadler, the Swiss manufacturer of the FLIRT trains used by HSL, provides material and expert services to VR FleetCare.
Switches play a key role in ensuring smooth railway operations. A switch is used at a railway junction to steer trains from one track to another. Last year, switch failures caused over 5,000 disruptions to traffic in Finland. To enhance the monitoring of the condition of switches, VR FleetCare, a company offering railway fleet management, and the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency (FTIA), which is in charge of Finnish railways and their development, have launched a joint pilot project focused on collecting and analysing data to obtain real-time information about the condition of switches.
Watch the video and find out how we have built up the modern data platform around AWS -services. And how data-driven maintenance will, in addition to creating significant cost savings for the rail fleet owners, increase safety and enhance the usability of the rolling stock.
Bogies are the most significant components of the rail fleet in terms of lifecycle costs and traffic safety. VR FleetCare, which invests in data-driven and preventive rail fleet maintenance, and EKE-Electronics specialising in train information systems have agreed on a product development project concerning the bogie condition monitoring. The new analysis and optimisation methods developed as a result of this agreed cooperation will significantly improve the rail fleet maintenance.