Fleet Manufacturing

As a rail traffic expert, VR FleetCare has accumulated extensive experience of manufacturing and modificating different kinds of freight wagons. We manufacture freight wagons for different industrial purposes. Additionally, we have developed modular wagons, that can be used for the transportation of different types of raw materials. Our services also include modifying wagons to best cater to the changing needs of our clients. This is lifecycle management at its best.

Our production line is optimal for efficient smaller scale mass production. We manufacture wagons tailor-made to fit our customers needs.


Built to fit customers needs

The metro tunnel washing equipment serves as a great example of VR FleetCare’s ability to execute demanding special projects. This project consisted of designing and building a new, fully customised solution. 

Designed to improve the quality of air and operating environment in the tunnels, the custom made tunnel washing equipment for Helsinki Metro was built and delivered to fit the specific needs of the customer.

Metro tunnel washing equipment

Metro tunnel washing equipment

The frame of the metro tunnel washing equipment is based on a modified cargo wagon. It features a  pressure washer nozzle that can reach up to height of 6 meters from the rails and it is operated from a cockpit equipped with cameras to ensure good visibility. The washing equipment has a water tank of 11 cubic meters and the pumps are powered by a diesel generator. It can be moved on the tracks by a track vehicle. The tunnel washer also features brushes installed for the clean-up of the protective cases of the power rails

The full maintenance of the equipment is being taken care of by VR FleetCare professionals during two years warranty time.

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