Bogies, Wheelsets and Brake Systems

Your One-Stop Service Provider

VR FleetCare offers revision maintenance in accordance with the maintenance programme as well as basic maintenance service for bogies, wheelsets and brake systems. We have invested in being a one-stop service provider for our customers. This way we can maintain individual components according to need or take all rolling stock bogies to maintenance at the same time.

We have the tools required for more demanding basic maintenance of wheelsets as well as wheel profiling, which means the wheels do not even have to be detached in order to complete the maintenance. In addition to utilising the entire lifecycle of wheelsets by ensuring appropriate maintenance, we also carry out the required steps for deploying new wheels.

Maintenance of bogies and brake systems cover both passenger and freight traffic rolling stock. Bogie maintenance is a complex process which includes not only the maintenance of wheels and brake systems, but also surface treatment, distortion inspection, repair welding as well as many other components and work phases.

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Comprehensive Experience

VR FleetCare maintains nearly 2,300 bogies and 13,000 wheelsets annually. We have experience of almost all types of rolling stock, including freight wagons, locomotives, high-speed trains and light rail rolling stock. Our quality management system and task specific certificates (e.g. welding) guarantee high quality throughout the process.


The bogies are tested before delivery to the customer

At our Pieksämäki component workshop, we have a modern bogie test stand that allows us to test various technical aspects such as the operation of a bogie, the distribution of the load, and the height of the bogie. The bogie test stand enables precise and efficient quality control as well as improved reporting. 

Testing bogies during maintenance is a crucial part of ensuring the safety and usability of trains. What's even better is that by automating the testing of bogies, we can also achieve cost savings, benefiting both our customers and us as a maintainer.

bogie test stand
vr fleetcare componentcare services wheelsets
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