Alternative to Large Investments

VR FleetCare always approaches components from the perspective appropriate to their lifecycle phase. Then we identify options for our customer to implement component maintenance in a cost-effective and sustainable manner.

Rolling stock is safety-critical equipment and ensuring its safe operation is the starting point for all of our operations. This is why we carry out predictive component maintenance. In other words, we implement predictive maintenance according to the maintenance programme, with certain components being changed and cleaned at regular intervals.

In addition to predictive maintenance, we conduct fault repairs and find replacements for components at the end of their lifecycle. The end of lifecycle does not necessarily mean a large investment in a new system. Instead, we can find out if a component can be replaced with another corresponding one and carry out the required modification to rolling stock. At best, we can postpone the need for a large rolling stock investment by several years.

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Testing to Ensure Quality

VR FleetCare has made considerable investments in testing capacity (e.g. IGBT modules, calibration of energy indicators) because the only way to verify identified faults and ensure high quality and reliability of repairs is by appropriate testing of the components. The essential part of final testing is to ensure success and to rule out the possibility of hidden faults.

Examples of electronic components:

  • Control electronics
  • Infosystems
  • Frequency inverters
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