Other Components

Compressor Units, Pumps, Engines and High-Voltage Components

High Quality Component Maintenance

Our component maintenance is always conducted according to an appropriate process, used to ensure high quality. All rolling stock components play a part in traffic safety, which is why they must be handled with care.

In VR FleetCare’s basic repair the components are dismantled, cleaned and a variety of measurements are taken, if necessary. The components undergo maintenance and are replaced with new ones, if necessary. Our experienced experts and mechanics assess the current needs according to maintenance programmes and the required testing. Afterwards, the components are assembled, and they undergo the required number of final tests. The success of repairs is always ensured by a competent person based on human observation and automated test results.

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We Manage Component Lifecycle

Most components have a limited lifecycle and they are replaced with new ones during maintenance and larger repairs. Rolling stock often has a long lifecycle, which may result in original components no longer being manufactured. Other times, the availability of new parts may pose challenges. In such situations, we help our customers find alternative solutions and identify cost-effective solutions for replacing old components.

Manufacturer-Approved Repair Shop

VR FleetCare maintains a fleet of over 12,000 units, including all types of rolling stock. Our professionals at the depots and service machine shops conduct maintenance of thousands of different products. We keep up with the training of our staff in order to guarantee smooth rail traffic by getting spare parts for our customers.

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