Pneumatic Valves

Maintenance of Safety-Critical Components

Rolling stock has many safety-critical components, which require basic repairs at regular intervals. The basic repair of pneumatic valves is a process with many phases. VR FleetCare carries out valve maintenance all the way from dismantling to assembly and testing. There are always some rolling stock-specific differences in the valves, which is why our maintenance programmes include a wide variety of different products (e.g. Knorr-Bremse).

We have a dedicated testing method for each device for testing things such as the functionality of the component and leakage. Selected product specific programmes enable us to also conduct automatic tests.

vr fleetcare nordic conditions winter time challenging maintenance

Operating Under Demanding Conditions

VR FleetCare has long-term operational experience and our trained advisers and mechanics can apply their practical knowledge under demanding conditions. Over the years, we have taken into use lubricants that perform better in very cold conditions, among other changes.


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