Fleet Modernisation and Refurbishment Services

Comprehensive Rolling Stock Modernisation

We ensure that rolling stock meets today’s requirements with our ModernCare service, which focuses on lifecycle management, transformation of visual appearance and system upgrading. VR FleetCare’s modernisation and refurbishment services cover the modernisation of technology, functionality, appearance and sustainability of every type of rolling stock.

Sustainable Business

We at VR FleetCare believe that rolling stock modernisation is a part of effective life cycle management. It also ensures a better functioning and safe rolling stock that meets the requirements set by authorities. Companies operating rolling stock need to react and adapt the change – a fleet in line with the brand image can increase customer satisfaction significantly.

vr fleetcare moderncare allegro retrofit restaurant car

Our Fleet Modernisation and Refurbishment services include:

  • Lifecycle extensions
  • Technical modifications
  • Commercial appearance modification
  • Technical implementations of new service concepts
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