Expert and Consulting Services

Developing and maintaining rail fleet technology requires high-quality expertise. Technology is constantly changing and developing, which turns fleet management into a moving target.

Professional rail technology experts follow the technology development and make sure that your fleet always meets the requirements from customers and owners. We have invested heavily to rail expertise and have a separate unit dedicated to serve both our internal maintenance production and customers' needs.

SmartCare Expert and Consulting Services

  • Data Acquisition, Analysis and Simulation
  • Lifecycle Planning
  • Engineering Services
  • Risk Management
  • Service Interval Optimisation
  • Fleet Acquisition and Disposal

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Maintenance System Optimisation

The fleet performance is just as good as the maintenance plan is. Too frequent maintenance intervals are heavy and expensive to maintain and expose the fleet to process failures, too few in turn can lead to a fleet with breakdowns causing even higher spend for repairs.

We at VR FleetCare have a long history and a good track-record on optimizing maintenance plan of both fleet and technical systems. We trust in our expertise and data knowledge when deciding where the maintenance plan should be changed.

Risk and Safety Management

Assessing and controlling risk and safety are our core competence. We function as the ECM (Entity in Control of Maintenance) of our customers' fleet; therefore, we master the risk and safety assessment processes (EU 402/2013) to make sure your fleet is safe in our hands. We also possess our own ISA (Independent Safety Assessment) function.

Fleet System Digitalisation

One common problem when utilizing digitalisation is that useful data is not available. Especially with older fleet that do not necessarily have digital technology or fleet diagnostics data is unreachable. It is still possible to implement data-driven maintenance and fleet management. If you know what data is valuable, it can be acquired and utilized easily with modern technology.

Data can be acquired and utilized from older fleet using modern technology
vr fleetcare smartcare expert and consulting services

VR FleetCare has a lot of experience in measuring various signals and phenomena of rail fleet and infrastructure. The newest IoT -technology allows affordable data acquisition and transfer from systems that do not provide digital information.

Network of experts

We are working with a range of technology providers that are able to measure anything from vibration to fluid properties. Our data experts and wide network of technology partners will find the best solution to measure, transfer, and store the data from your asset at your disposal. Furthermore, our data scientists and technical experts are waiting to analyze your data and turn it into valuable information.