Expert and Consulting Services

Ensuring Up-to-Date Technology

Developing and maintaining rail fleet technology requires high-quality expertise. Technology is constantly changing, developing, and getting obsolete which turns fleet management into a moving target. Professional rail technology experts follow the technology development and make sure that your fleet always meets the requirements from customers and owners.

VR FleetCare is an experienced company with fleet system expert and consulting services. We have helped our customers with numerous problems - from system obsolescence management to new rail fleet acquisition.

Our Railway Professionals

To be able to provide high-quality maintenance service, we need the best rail fleet and system experts available. We have invested heavily to rail expertise and have a separate unit dedicated to serve both our internal maintenance production and customers' needs.

vr fleetcare smartcare expert and consulting services

Some examples of our Expert and Consulting Services:

  • Fleet Acquisiton and Disposal
  • Risk Management
  • Engineering Services
  • Life-Cycle Planning


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