Digital Fleet Management System

Agile system for professionals

FleetManager is a digital fleet management system aimed to aid fleet managers and experts in their day-to-day tasks and increase work safety.

FleetManager offers an efficient platform for reports made by field personnel, informing and monitoring the condition of the rolling stock. Functionality of the system enhances data collection and aids fleet managers and experts to utilize rail fleet as well as possible.

IoT-devices and personalized tags, which are attached to the customer’s fleet, enable an easy way to collect data about the movements and condition of the rolling stock. FleetManager gathers all data to a browser-based user interface and a mobile app, providing a real-time situational awareness available both at the office and in the field.

A solution for transparent and efficient fleet management

With FleetManager all reports on the condition of the rolling stock are concentrated in one system.

FleetManager functions in a nutshell:

  • Reports from the field
    Fault reports, logging and tracking working hours
  • Alerts
    Prohibitions of use, unfinished repairs or inspections
  • Documentation
    Maintenance programmes and fleet information available in one place at all times
  • Fleet information and history
    An individualised view for each rolling stock, containing all gathered data
  • Real-time map
    Locations and tracking information available at one glance
  • IoT devices and notifications
    Alarms for faults or needed inspections
  • A native application for IoS and Android with a possibility for onnline use
    Possibilities for data buffering and offline use

In the big picture, the most important achieved benefit is maximising fleet availability and transparent fleet management. With an easy-to-use tool and up-to-date data in hand, FleetManager enables even more productivity.

Easy to adopt and integrate

Our fleet management service includes the software license, designing the service to fit the customer’s needs, user training, asset tagging (QR/NFC) and user support. The Service Manager from VR FleetCare will assist with software adoption and efficient use.

Fundamentally the service is provided using European based Amazon AWS servers.

One solution for all rolling stock condition reports

The digital fleet management system is easily integratable to other systems already in use. IoT devices, that collect required data about the state of the rolling stock, can also be connected to the system.

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