Maintenance System Optimisation

Improving Performance

The fleet performance is just as good as the maintenance plan is. Too frequent maintenance intervals are heavy and expensive to maintain and expose the fleet to process failures, too few in turn can lead to a fleet with breakdowns causing even higher spend for repairs.

We at VR FleetCare have a long history and a good track-record on optimizing maintenance plan of both fleet and technical systems. We trust in our expertise and data knowledge when deciding where the maintenance plan should be changed.

vr fleetcare smartcare maintenance system optimisation

Risk and Safety Management

Assessing and controlling risk and safety are our core competence. We function as the ECM (Entity in Control of Maintenance) of our customers' fleet; therefore, we master the risk and safety assessment processes (EU 402/2013) to make sure your fleet is safe in our hands. We also possess our own ISA (Independent Safety Assessment) function.

Some examples of our Maintenance System Optimization services:

  • Service Interval Optimization
  • Risk and Safety Assessments
  • Data Analysis and Simulation


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