Train Scanner automates time-consuming inspection work

The next generation of train scanning

VR FleetCare's Train Scanner is a solution for the systematic inspection of large masses of rolling stock. Inspections that run like clockwork help improve the safety of rail traffic and achieve savings in the lifecycle costs of the rolling stock and rail infrastructure.

A large part of rolling stock maintenance still involves manual inspections performed by people. Our scanner solution carries out a comprehensive inspection with millimetre precision in a single run-through.

The Train Scanner consists of 6,600-millimetre-high scanner poles, installed on both sides of the track and used to scan the train that drives by. The system automatically identifies and reports deviations, such as broken parts, graffiti or incorrect loading.

The service enables precise and efficient inspection of large masses. In practice, maintenance workers do not need to spend time manually inspecting the rolling stock and searching for faults as the AI-based system does it for them. The Train Scanner helps allocate the work resource directly to the unit that is causing problems.

Train Scanner detects deviations, such as loading that is unviable for the railway network, and reports them to the maintenance unit

In terms of the bigger picture, efficient inspection work that runs like clockwork helps ensure that the rolling stock can operate safely without causing risks to the passengers or the track. Potential issues are detected in advance.

Train Scanner in practice

  1. Scanning
    The technology of the scanner poles scans the train’s roof, bogies and vehicle group from both sides. The scan is carried out with a moving train and the resolution is approximately a few millimetres.
  2. Analysis
    The data is analysed and compiled to be viewed in the browser-based user interface. In practice, the system searches for deviations, such as incorrect loading, open hatches or graffiti, for example.
  3. Report and potential alert to the maintenance unit
    The report will be available to the maintenance unit within 10–20 minutes of the run-through. If any deviations are detected, the maintenance unit is notified and the rolling stock can be guided to the depot before the detected deviation can cause damage to the rolling stock or other traffic.



The scanner poles can be installed practically anywhere. A location with many trains running past is optimal. Poles placed near a depot, for example, help detect broken components and other parts in need of attention before the rolling stock enters the depot. Similarly, the Train Scanner can inspect the rolling stock as it leaves the depot, checking for any open doors or loading, for example.

Service with an open operating model

The Train Scanner is easy to install and deploy and affordable in proportion to the gained benefits. Our scanner solution can also be integrated into the customer’s existing systems.

Benefits of the Train Scanner

  • Safety
    Equipment inspections can be increased easily and in a controlled manner
  • Usability
    Anticipation of maintenance needs and faults optimizes the use of equipment
  • Fleet management
    Technical and commercial condition is checked efficiently and automatically
  • Resources
    Resources tied up for inspection are freed up for more challenging maintenance work
  • Utilisation of information
    The open interface allows the collected information to be utilised in other systems in use

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Behind the service

VR FleetCare

VR FleetCare is a seasoned rail traffic expert with over 150 years of experience in northern conditions. We offer rolling stock and infrastructure maintenance and modernisation services to our customers in the Nordic and Baltic countries. We generate additional value for our customers by combining the best rolling stock expertise, digitalisation, partner network and continuous development with the client.

Vire Labs

Vire Labs is an innovative Finnish device and software development company specialising in embedded systems using AI and graphics programming. Whether in need of counting passenger volumes or detecting deviations in power consumption, we produce data for your automated system to considerably boost its efficiency.