Rail fleet maintenance and lifecycle services for sustainable transportation

Enabling world’s most sustainable rail traffic with smart FleetCare


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About us

We are a multi-brand railroad vehicle maintenance company enabling world’s most sustainable rail traffic. We offer our customers high-quality rail fleet repair, maintenance and lifecycle services related to fleet technology, both in the Nordic and Baltic countries. 

We are a subsidiary of the Finnish rail operator VR Group.VR FleetCare employs approximately 1,000 employees and its annual net sales are approximately EUR 200 million.

We ensure that our customer’s rail fleet is always taken care of smartly, safely, in all circumstances and in all conditions.


Contact Info

Radiokatu 3,
00240 Helsinki,

Tel (switchboard): +358 30710 
Email: sales.fleetcare@vr.fi
Personal email: firstname.surname@vr.fi

Helsinki Depot
Veturitie 20,
00240 Helsinki

Machine workshop, Pieksämäki
Vanha Jäppiläntie 60,
76120 Pieksämäki


Bogies are the most significant components of the rail fleet in terms of lifecycle costs and traffic safety. VR FleetCare, which invests in data-driven and preventive rail fleet maintenance, and EKE-Electronics specialising in train information systems have agreed on a product development project concerning the bogie condition monitoring. The new analysis and optimisation methods developed as a result of this agreed cooperation will significantly improve the rail fleet maintenance.