vr fleetcare headquarters iso paja radiokatu pasila finland


Iso Paja

Our head office is located in Pasila – one kilometer from Pasila Railway Station and Ilmala Depot Area. Pasila is the busiest hub in the southern Finnish railway network and thus a natural location for VR FleetCare.

VR FleetCare HQ

Radiokatu 3,
00240 Helsinki,

Tel: +358 29 43 43

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More Than a Hundred Years of Maintenance at Pasila

The rolling stock has been maintained in Pasila for more than a hundred years. Historic Pasila Engine House can still be seen in the vicinity of Pasila Railway Station - the station itself has been moved and updated several times over the years. In the picture beloved (1911), in the foreground are the Engine House, the station building and The Toralinna building, rental accommodation for VR’s employees (Source: Finnish Railway Museum).

vr fleetcare pasila engine house old station and toralinna building

VR FleetCare’s modern head office functions are in Iso Paja, where we warmly welcome our guests. Finland’s largest depot area in Ilmala, where there is both a depot and a service workshop, is located just a short walk from our headquarters. Visits to VR FleetCare’s other service locations around the country can be easily arranged, for example by train.

vr fleetcare headquarters iso paja radiokatu pasila finland