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Service Workshops

Facilities for the Most Demanding Projects

VR FleetCare’s two service workshops are located in Helsinki and Pieksämäki. The service workshops support our extensive depot network by offering large and versatile facilities for heavy maintenance and the most demanding projects – from entire fleets to key components.

Helsinki - Passenger Fleets and Electric Locomotives

In Helsinki, VR FleetCare operates the Ilmala depot area, which consists of both the service workshop and depot. The area is located in the Ilmala district, approximately 5 km north form Helsinki city centre.

Ilmala’s service point is VR FleeCare’s largest, more than 60 hectares, and has its own fleet specific halls for daily operations as well as separate component lines, wheel turning and washing facilities.


Helsinki, Ilmala
Veturitie 44,
00240 Helsinki


Pieksämäki - Freight Wagons, Diesel Locomotives and Track Vehicles

The Pieksämäki workshop is located in the Southern Savonia region, approximately 300 km northeast from Helsinki. Various rail maintenance operations have been carried out in Pieksämäki for more than 90 years. The area has a logistical advantage as it is easily accessible both by rail and road. In addition, the service workshop and depot are located on adjacent properties.


Vanha Jäppiläntie 60,
76120 Pieksämäki,

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