News and press releases

Overhaul of metro trains improves travel comfort - VR FleetCare carries out the modernisation

Helsinki City Transport will carry out overhaul and modernisation on all of its metro trains in the M100 and M200 series. Overhauls have begun on the M100 series trains. The first two metro trains have already undergone overhaul and they returned to passenger service in November. VR FleetCare i...

23. November 2020

VR FleetCare at Scandinavian Rail Optimisation virtual workshop

Welcome to a workshop focusing on the use of smart digital solutions and data in the rail ecosystem. In addition to the presentations, there is plenty of time for open discussion in the workshop.

18. November 2020

BLOG CEO’s review – an eventful year as VR FleetCare

More than a year has passed since our company was renamed and rebranded. VR FleetCare was the final choice because we needed a name that would work also on the international rail traffic maintenance market. We had, and still have, a clear vision that there is demand for our expertise and servic...

6. November 2020

New Finnish technology produces real-time information on switch performance – promising pilot project results

Railway switches play a crucial role in smooth train traffic – any faults in the switches cause traffic disruptions. A significant share of all railway network maintenance costs originates from switch maintenance. Finland has successfully tested a new IoT system for monitoring and analysing the...

21. October 2020

Join Our #TuesdayTalks Webinar Series In October!

Interested in rolling stock, predictive maintenance and IoT? We are proud to announce that we are hosting a three time webinar series covering these topics throughout October!

1. October 2020

First track vehicle from Denmark arrived at the Pieksämäki workshop for 10-year revision

VR FleetCare carries out a 10-year revision for its customer's A/S StoreBaelt track equipment, including a wide range of refurbishment and modification work such as engine replacement, lighting modification work, installation of a camera system and a comprehensive overhaul, including e.g. bogie...

20. August 2020

VR FleetCare will maintain the Helsinki region commuter traffic trains until 2031

Finnish railway operator VR Group has won the competitive bidding procedure for commuter train traffic, the first of its kind in Finnish history, and continues to operate the Helsinki Regional Transport Authority (HRT) commuter train traffic. VR Group’s subsidiary VR FleetCare was included in t...

5. May 2020

Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency and VR FleetCare test new technology to reduce disruptions to railway traffic

Switches play a key role in ensuring smooth railway operations. A switch is used at a railway junction to steer trains from one track to another. Last year, switch failures caused over 5,000 disruptions to traffic in Finland. To enhance the monitoring of the condition of switches, VR FleetCare,...

20. January 2020

How We Do It? Data-driven rail fleet maintenance, case VR FleetCare and Amazon Web Services

Watch the video and find out how we have built up the modern data platform around AWS -services. And how data-driven maintenance will, in addition to creating significant cost savings for the rail fleet owners, increase safety and enhance the usability of the rolling stock.

28. November 2019

Data-driven maintenance: A major leap in rail fleet maintenance – VR FleetCare and EKE-Electronics to launch cooperation

Bogies are the most significant components of the rail fleet in terms of lifecycle costs and traffic safety. VR FleetCare, which invests in data-driven and preventive rail fleet maintenance, and EKE-Electronics specialising in train information systems have agreed on a product development proje...

8. October 2019

VR FleetCare takes over a new field of operation – a lifetime extension and overhaul Helsinki City Transport’s metro trains

VR FleetCare has taken over a new field of operation since the company won the bidding process for the lifetime extension and overhaul of Helsinki City Transport’s (HKL) metro trains M100 and M200 in April 2019.

2. October 2019

VR FleetCare – incorporated rail equipment maintenance seeks new growth via name change

Incorporated as a subsidiary of VR at the start of the year, the rail equipment maintenance company VR Maintenance Oy will be known in the future as VR FleetCare. The new name will be used in the company’s all communications and encounters.

17. September 2019