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Peter Guldbrand, Vice President, Commercial

BLOG Green transition increases the need for freight wagons

The emphasis on sustainable development and climate targets will increase the demand for railway transportation in the future. Rail transport is an environmentally friendly mode of transportation that helps reduce emissions produced by traffic. This is leading companies to shift more and more of their freight transport to rail.

Writer: Peter Guldbrand, Vice President, Commercial

According to a report by the European Commission, the need for freight wagons in Europe will increase by 50 percent by 2030 and double by 2050. Due to such rapid and massive demand, there is a need for increased manufacturing capacity for new wagons, as well as modification and modernisation projects for existing wagons.

The ongoing Russian aggression has also affected the freight wagon market. The political tensions and economic consequences resulting from the war are impacting the manufacturing of freight wagons and, on the other hand, maintenance as well, as relations between countries deteriorate or economic sanctions are imposed. Previously, wagons manufactured by Russians are no longer available in the market, and it is also challenging to obtain components and spare parts for wagons produced there.

The messages about the growth in demand for new freight wagons are strong, and they have reached us as well. There is currently a bottleneck in wagon manufacturing in Europe, as wagons cannot be produced as much as needed. In addition, major wagon manufacturers only want to produce large wagon series, and it is harder to obtain smaller special batches.

We want to contribute to promoting more efficient and sustainable freight logistics and be there to support our customers in meeting their needs.

At FleetCare, we have manufactured nearly 50,000 wagons for the logistics needs of Finnish industry, and we have an efficient production line for wagon series. Our strengths in wagon manufacturing lie in challenging technical solutions that support new service concepts. Compared to major wagon manufacturers, we can cost-effectively produce smaller wagon series tailored to our customers' special needs.

The principles of sustainable development and safety are the basis of our manufacturing process, supported by material choices and the use of certified and high-quality components. Our manufacturing is backed by extensive experience in wagon modifications, and we strive to utilize existing well-maintained material whenever possible for wagon conversions.

Summer is already here, but you can still reach out to us throughout the holiday season regarding wagon manufacturing and fleet maintenance matters. 

We wish you a sunny and relaxing summer! May the summer bring you much joy, rest, and memorable moments.


Peter Guldbrand, Vice President, Commercial

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