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Delivery reliability for the customers’ project deliveries was provided by the development of project management

VR FleetCare aims to seek growth from the modernisation projects of the rail fleet. To achieve our goals, well-designed and executed projects are extremely important to us and our customers. Implementing projects competitively is also challenging and risky without an appropriate project management model. We wanted to start further strengthening our project expertise and as a partner for development, we chose Adapro, whose project management models are practically functional and are based on international project management standards.

In tendering for large railway fleet projects, participants are required to describe the project management model at the tender stage, indicating the ability to deliver the projects as agreed.  In projects, each stage of the process is precisely scheduled, and the work must be done with the utmost accuracy, customer orientation and high quality. In addition to this, the personnel's project expertise is a key factor in success.  

"Our customers expect us to have high-quality project expertise. We believe that one of the most important success factors in fleet maintenance projects in the market is outstanding project expertise. In large projects, the delivery must be managed well to get all the steps in place within the right timeframe," says VP Sales Peter Guldbrand of VR FleetCare.   

The project management model is based on common principles and operating methods in all projects 

Last year, we launched a project management development project at VR FleetCare together with Adapro. After several workshops and coaching our project personnel, we were able to implement an ABC project management model based on international project management standards. Now we can offer our customers consistently high quality and efficient projects because our project plans are high quality and unified. 

"Good project management creates a competitive advantage for VR FleetCare, which operates in a demanding market. Adapro's ABC Project Management model™ is used by more than 100 organisations, dozens of which are doing delivery project business globally. Adapted to VR FleetCare's needs and practical, but standard-based approach creates a common language and order to interact with customers and partners. When management, sales and personnel are also trained in the new way of working, this results in clearer management, satisfied customers, and employee satisfaction," says Markku Aarni Director Consulting Services of Adapro. 

"Well-executed and successful projects are our calling card both in Finland and abroad. At FleetCare, we want to be known for our strong project expertise. Therefore, we saw it as important to introduce a new model and coached our employees working in projects," says Teemu Halonen, Head of VR FleetCare's Project Services Unit. We believe that when strong project expertise is combined with our high-quality services and our reliable top experts who keep what is agreed, we will get far.

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