Sales Manager Kai Savolainen

VR FleetCare to strengthen its sales operations in Sweden

VR FleetCare’s strategy is to seek growth and new customers in the surrounding areas, especially in Scandinavia. In the near future, several rolling stock and component projects are coming to tender in the region, and to strengthen our position in the tenders, we have hired a new sales manager in Sweden.

Kai Savolainen has been appointed sales manager of VR FleetCare starting 10 May. He will be located and working out of Sweden. His responsibilities will be the creation of FleetCare’s market strategy in Scandinavia and its implementation in line with the growth objectives. Kai has a strong knowledge of the railway sector, since he has worked over 20 years in different positions in the Global and Nordic rail market. Most recently, he worked as business development manager, transit services, at Wabtec Faiveley Transport.

"The position at VR FleetCare sounds very interesting with the combination of being a young new company, two years old, but still with 150 years experience. I am very excited to be a part of building something new and expanding in the Nordics and also to work for a Finnish company, there's pride in that too, I have to say. Looking at the presentation given on VR FleetCare, I sense a strong base of knowledge and experience in all the possibilities that lie ahead", says Kai Savolainen. 

"Kai’s long experience in this already highly competitive market will be valuable to us and we are happy to have him on our team", Head of Sales VR FleetCare Wilhelm Schevelew says.

More information: Wilhelm Schevelew, Head of Sales, ModernCare and ComponentCare

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