Rail fleet maintenance and lifecycle services for sustainable transportation


Getting There Together for a Better World

At VR Group and VR FleetCare, we take everyone towards a good future that keeps getting better. We want to be a pioneer of responsible business and set an example, as a company, to others. We are doing our best to help our customers and society as a whole to achieve their sustainable development goals.

Responsibility is a key part of our company’s strategy and a uniting theme of our business operations and growth areas. We will continue our responsible journey as a successful Finnish company that is nearly 160 years old. We believe that our success will also benefit society as a whole.

Responsibility Is a Way of Thinking

Rail transport has an essential role in curbing climate change and increasing well-being in society. This is about smooth everyday transport, supporting the competitiveness of industry and reducing emissions from traffic.

To us, responsibility means not only operating in an environmentally sustainable way but also working over the long term to improve traffic and occupational safety and ensure a good employee experience. We take the financial, social and environmental impacts of our operations into account in our decision-making.