VR FleetCare Is Modernising Rail Traffic

We offer efficient rolling stock maintenance, sustainable lifecycle management and advanced expert services. We have experience working with more than a hundred types of rolling stock, and our services from daily maintenance to comprehensive stock modernisation meet even the most challenging requirements.

In its maintenance operations, VR FleetCare uses state-of-the-art technology. We are constantly searching for new data and analytics solutions for optimising the lifecycle of rolling stock and maintenance programmes.

Railways transport goods and people around the world – under all conditions. We help our customers establish safe rail traffic through our experience and professional skill. Our operations are based on cost-effective, high-quality lifecycle management solutions and proactive action by means of technology.


Tap into the best rolling stock expertise in the industry through our four service categories:

ModernCare – Fleet Modernisation; lifecycle extensions, systems upgrades and changes in commercial appearance

SmartCare – Expert Services; digital condition monitoring, maintenance system optimisation, consulting and analytics

AssetCareAsset Management; fleet maintenance and lifecycle management

ComponentCare – Component Services; bogies, electronics, valves, compressors, pumps and motors, high voltage components