Sustainable Transportation as a Starting Point for All Operations

VR FleetCare has the best-known certificates in the industry in terms of safety, quality and sustainability. In addition, we have job-specific quality assurance certifications.

  • Lean thinking and continuous improvement are part of VR FleetCare’s daily operations
  • The certificates apply to all VR FleetCare services as well as customer processes
Precise quality management systems in place, both in terms of work processes and resources
ISO 9001, Quality management system
We pay systematic attention to environmental management and the effectiveness of operations
ISO 14001, Environmental management system
vr fleetcare safety and healthy requirements wheelset repairing pieksämäki finland
Our employees have healthy and safe working conditions, which has a positive effect on the quality of work and efficiency
ISO 45001, Occupational health and safety
Our maintenance system ensures that rail vehicles are properly maintained
ECM Certification
vr fleetcare quality requirements for fusion welding welding robot pieksämäki finland
Our welding work processes are smooth, and the quality of the products meets the requirements
ISO 3834, Quality requirements for fusion welding