We are on the same track

Enabling world's most sustainable rail traffic with smart fleetcare

About us

We are a seasoned rail traffic expert with over 150 years of experience in challenging conditions. Safe freight and passenger traffic is the starting point for all our operations. The key factor for our success are our people, over 1000 top experts in rolling stock. 

We at VR FleetCare offer our customers efficient maintenance and modernisation of rolling stock and rail infrastructure – through smart utilisation of state-of-the-art technology. We are maintenance service provider and a partner in sustainable lifecycle management. Rolling stock is a large investment that requires maintenance and needs to be modernisable throughout its entire lifecycle. 

We Develop Our Operations Together with Our Customers 

For our customers, we generate additional value, by combining the best rolling stock expertise, digitalisation, service network, machine shops, service depots and continuous development in the industry. We help our customers to develop their competitiveness by combining innovative technology with our strong expertise in the rail industry into a customer-oriented service.


Tap into the best rolling stock expertise in the industry through our four service categories:

ModernCare – Fleet Modernisation; lifecycle extensions, systems upgrades and changes in commercial appearance 

SmartCare – Expert Services; digital condition monitoring, maintenance system optimisation, consulting and analytics 

AssetCare – Asset Management; fleet maintenance and lifecycle management 

ComponentCare – Component Services; bogies, electronics, valves, compressors, pumps and motors, high voltage components 


We develop and maintain railway rolling stock responsibly by modernizing the fleet and extending its life cycle, as well as refurbishing components that require repair for re-installation. We improve fleet availability with well-timed maintenance and repair work, minimizing the likelihood of any unforeseen disturbances. In this way, we enable the most responsible rail transport in the world.