ModernCare - Modern times call for modern solutions

Running a business is like running a marathon – both need a good support network. We will support you to cross the finnish line. Our passion is to ensure you a smooth journey by upgrading and modernising your fleet whilst keeping all of your strategic operations rolling.

Our ModernCare service concept includes solutions ranging from heavy maintenance to refurbishments, enabling you to get most out of your assets - regardless if they are for freight or passengers.

Our service program helps you to anticipate the future. Our services range from low interval routine tasks to complete turn-key overhauls and styling updates that will answer to today’s customer’s needs with looks and functionality.

Reach the highest possible return on your investment (ROI) with our expertise on fleet lifecycle extension, whilst giving your business a competitive edge to meet your objectives.

Services - AssetCare 

Passenger Fleet Modernization and Refurbishment Services

Restaurant Upgrades
Exterior and Interior Refurbishments
System Upgrades

Passenger Info-System Upgrades

HVAC System Upgrades
Drivers Cab and Drivers Desk Upgrades
Condition Monitoring and Smart Maintenance

Fleet Maintenance and Overhaul Services

Maintenance for Rail Vehicles
Complete Overhaul for Passenger Fleet
Freight Wagon Overhaul

Track Maintenance Machinery Modifications

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