VR FleetCare mechanics working in a train restaurant car that is being modernised for a new service concept


More quality years of use for your fleet


Towards Sustainable Rail Transport

By modernising your rolling stock, you ensure that it meets today's requirements in terms of technology, functionality and commercial appearance.

We carry out the most demanding maintenance work on your rolling stock, as well as lighter upgrades - as a turnkey service. We work on the modernisation of passenger and freight rolling stock as well as track machinery.

A Bridge Between the New And the Old

As a Finnish rolling stock maintenance company, we have always had to carefully consider the recycling of the rolling stock and its components. VR FleetCare is a rail traffic expert with 160 years of experience. In the early days, our operations were guided by the scarcity of resources. Now, they are guided by sustainability. This approach to business has also always been underpinned by Finnish values. For example, bridges in Finland are repaired and maintained for 100 years, whereas in certain other countries a new bridge is built every 25 years. It is quite clear which approach is more cost-effective and environmentally sustainable.

Fleet Modernisations

Fleet modernisations are part of cost-effective life cycle management. It helps to create more quality years of use for rolling stock, for example by improving functionality. At the same time, it ensures that safe and regulatory-compliant rolling stock is on the tracks.

A modern and brand-consistent fleet is likely to increase customer satisfaction.

The modernised Bergensbane night train from outside

Examples of fleet modernisation and refurbishment services:

  • Commercial appearance modification
  • Lifecycle extensions
  • Technical implementations of new service concepts
  • Technical modifications

Safety and environmental changes

More passengers and freight are travelling by rail than ever before. It is our responsibility, together with fleet owners and operators, to ensure the safe transport of crew and passengers on the tracks.

In addition to passenger comfort and technical improvements, we are using new knowledge and technology to optimise the energy consumption of older rolling stock, for example. Our aim is to create the conditions for you to implement responsible life-cycle management.

A VR FleetCare mechanic examines a circuit with a microscope

Examples of safety and environmental changes:

  • Chemical safety development
  • Optimisation of energy consumption
  • Personnel and passenger safety solutions

Heavy Maintenance and System Upgrades

In addition to daily maintenance and repairs, the sustainable fleet strategy includes heavy maintenance to ensure safe, comfortable and modern transport on rails. Heavy maintenance and system upgrades can be carried out as a stand-alone project or scheduled as part of a larger life-cycle upgrade or modernisation.

Some systems are safety-critical and some are travel comfort enhancing. For both, it is essential that their features meet high quality criteria for both efficient working and comfortable travel.

VR FleetCare mechanic on the roof of a train servicing of the pantograph

Examples of system upgrades and heavy maintenance:

  • Customer info and management systems
  • Damage and weather protection
  • Driver compartments
  • HVAC systems
  • Power electronics

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