ComponentCare - Component Services

With ComponentCare, you can optimise running costs and maximise the maintenance of your rolling stock


Our component maintenance service finds and repairs any faults in the rolling stock cost-effectively.

We do not automatically opt for a new part; instead, we use spare parts as well as repair and reuse existing components.

As a multi-brand service provider, we have an extensive cooperative network.

ComponentCare expands the lifecycle of your stock while offering considerable savings. Benefits of the service:

  1. Cost-efficiency and responsibility
  2. Quality and expertise
  3. Accessibility and flexibility
  4. Versatility


Services - ComponentCare

Bogies, Wheelsets and Brake Systems


Control Electronics

Info Systems


Pneumatic Valves

Safety Critical Components

Compressor Unit (Screw and Piston)

Pumps and Motors

Transformer Oil Pumps

Compressor and Fan Motors

High Voltage Components

Main Circuit Breaker

Contactors and Switches

Current Transformer and Calibration


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