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Responsible maintenance of components


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Our maintenance and repair service locates and repairs defects in your rolling stock in a cost-effective manner. Our service is strongly based on a circular economy: we do not automatically search for new parts, but use spare parts and repair components to make them as good as new.

We carry out maintenance and refurbishment of electrical, power electronics and mechanical components. Our experts know exactly how components behave under different conditions or how they react to, for example, extended maintenance intervals.

How to Postpone Large Rolling Stock Investments for Decades?

For decades, we have been looking for solutions that would help us extend the lifecycle of components. In practice, we refurbish components that need to be repaired and reinstall them instead of replacing the components with new ones. Expertise and the data collected through digital solutions enable controlled changes to maintenance programmes without compromising on safety.

Bogies, Wheelsets And Brake Systems

We offer overhaul services acccoridng to the maintenance programme, as well as a basic overhaul service for bogies, wheelsets and brake systems. We are committed to providing our customers with all services under one roof. This allows us to service single components at the pace at which they need servicing, or to take over the entire fleet of bogie units for refurbishment.

We have the tools for both the more demanding basic overhaul of wheel assemblies and wheel profiling, so the work may not even require the wheels to be removed from the train unit. In addition to taking advantage of the entire life-cycle of the wheelsets by ensuring that they are properly maintained, we take the necessary measures when new wheels are put into service.

Maintenance of bogies and brake systems also covers both passenger and freight vehicles. The overhaul of bogies is a multi-stage process involving not only wheels and brake systems, but also numerous other components and operations such as surface treatment, crack detection and repair welding.

Ensuring quality

We always organise component maintenance according to a proper process to ensure the highest quality. All components of rolling stock are part of safe operation and must therefore be handled with care.

During overhaul, components are dismantled, washed and, if necessary, subjected to various measurements. The components are maintained and replaced with new ones if necessary. Our experienced specialists and mechanics will assess the need according to maintenance programmes and necessary tests. The components are then assembled and subjected to the required number of final tests. The success of the repair is always verified by a qualified person based on human observation and machine results.

In addition, our quality system and task-specific certifications (e.g. welding) ensure a high level of quality throughout the process.

Bogie Tester

We have invested heavily in testing capacity (e.g. IGBT modules, calibration of energy meters), as only by testing components properly can we ensure both the detection of defects and the high quality and reliability of the repair. In addition to ensuring the success of the repair, it is essential to exclude the possibility of latent defects in the final testing.

Our component workshop has a modern bogie tester that can be used to test a number of technical aspects, such as bogie functioning, load distribution and bogie height. This enables accurate and efficient quality control and improved reporting.

Testing bogies during maintenance is an important part of ensuring the safety and availability of trains. Best of all, by testing the bogies automatically, cost savings are also achieved, which benefits both our customers and us as a maintenance provider.

Examples of Other Components


  • Control electronics
  • Frequency inverters
  • Information systems

Compressor Units

  • Dehumidifiers
  • Electric motors
  • Screw and piston compressors

High-Voltage Components

  • Contractors and switches
  • Current transformers and calibration
  • Main circuit breakers

Pumps And Motors

  • Compressor and fan motors
  • Transformer oil pumps

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