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Professionals in Life-Cycle Management

Rail fleets are big investments, which is why we at VR FleetCare believe that efficient and professional life-cycle management is one of the most important tasks of a fleet maintainer. We not only strive to keep the fleet in good condition, but also to actively develop its functionalities and find innovative and sustainable solutions when the fleet starts to age.

We maintain a fleet of more than 10 000 units, consisting of more than 100 different types of rolling stock. In addition, as these vehicles are at different stages of their life cycle, we work every day to ensure that they remain in service for our customers for as long as possible. As a result, we are able to apply our expertise to very different types of equipment when it comes to lifecycle management planning.

We offer you the best rail fleet expertise and partner network in the industry, as well as the benefits of digitalisation.

From reaction towards proactive measures

Imagine a scenario: a bearing in the engine of a locomotive running on the track breaks down and causes an engine failure. The rolling stock left on the track disrupts traffic and customers are subjected to longer waiting times.

Repairing the engine costs EUR 80,000–100,000. On top of all that, the rolling stock has to wait for a suitable part at the depot for an additional week, and social media is full of posts about the delayed train services.

All of this was caused by a single broken bearing, the breaking of which could have, at best, been anticipated months in advance.

Risk and safety management

Risk and safety assessment and management are our core competences. We act as the ECM (Entity in Control of Maintenance) for our customers' fleet; therefore, we manage the risk and safety assessment processes (EU 402/2013) to ensure that your fleet is in safe hands with us. We also have our own ISA (Independent Safety Assessment) function.

Service network

VR FleetCare has a comprehensive network of locations - our depots serve six cities. In addition, smaller service points at transport hubs ensure smooth and safe transport throughout the country.

We are the first choice for fleet maintenance and repair services in Finland for both domestic and foreign operators. VR FleetCare has long experience in a wide range of demanding operations. Our rail experts work every day to get our customers' fleets back on the track quickly and cost-effectively - in all conditions.

Mobile maintenance

In addition to depot operations, we offer mobile operational maintenance, minor maintenance and quick repairs wherever the customer's equipment is located - taking into account occupational safety. Sometimes equipment may fail at a critical moment or it may be difficult to transport it to the depot for traffic operations. In such cases, we can work with our experts and the customer to find a solution to carry out the maintenance work on site.

Predictive maintenance

Life cycle management of rolling stock can have an impact even decades into the future. This foresight helps us to plan controlled fleet upgrades and, if necessary, to find replacement solutions together with our customers.

By using the latest technology and digital condition monitoring, we can foresee future maintenance needs and improve fleet reliability and availability. We offer our customers both life cycle assessments and continuous improvement. Our work is based on Lean and RCM methods, using either historical fleet data or continuous data.

Digital solutions for rail transport needs

Digital condition monitoring is based on data collected through measurements. It offers a new level of transparency that allows you to plan future maintenance and investments more intelligently - based on actual condition.

A common challenge in the use of digitalisation is the lack of useful data. Especially for older fleets that do not use digital technology or where fleet diagnostic data is not available. Nevertheless, data-driven maintenance and fleet management is perfectly feasible. Knowing which data is relevant for fleet maintenance can be easily acquired and exploited with modern technology.

Our solutions are developed and validated for rail transport, with a focus on ease of deployment and integration.

The next generation of train scanning

Train Scanner is a solution for the systematic inspection of large masses of rolling stock. Inspections that run like clockwork help improve the safety of rail traffic and achieve savings in the lifecycle costs of the rolling stock and rail infrastructure.

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