AssetCare - Asset Management

AssetCare consists of all the routine maintenance measures, from daily and preventative maintenance to troubleshooting


Rolling stock is built to last, but even the strongest machine needs care.

We help our customer plan the lifecycle costs of their stock and develop their maintenance plans.

We offer the best rolling stock expertise in the industry as well as state-of-the-art technology. 

AssetCare helps you make the most of your rolling stock and investment.

The lifecycle management of rolling stock is a demanding task with effects that are felt even decades from now. Therefore we use information offered by technology and are strongly moving towards condition-based maintenance. The benefits of the AssetCare service culminate in:

  1. Lifecycle cost optimisation
  2. Development of maintenance and service systems
  3. Use of digitalisation
  4. Fast operations and an extensive spare parts service


Services - AssetCare

Fleet Maintenance and Repair Services

Preventive and Corrective Maintenance Based on Agreement

Data-Based Fault Reporting

Lifecycle Management

Maintenance Plan Review (based on history-data)

Maintenance Plan Development (based on continuous data)

Obsolescence Management

Consulting and Analytics Services

Technical and Functional Specifications on Systems or Rolling Stock

Data analytics with Technical Expertise

Audits (incl. technical, quality and safety)

Measurement and Testing Services

Lean and RCM Workshops and Facilitation

Training of Rolling Stock Personnel


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