This train travels far into the future

We enable sustainable mobility through environmentally friendly transport.

Getting there together for a better world

We must take good care of even the strongest. Especially those that transport huge amounts of people and goods every day. With environmentally friendly rolling stock maintenance, we enable sustainable mobility and Finland’s journey towards a carbon-neutral future.

The circular economy is a key factor in mitigating climate change. We extend the lifecycle of rolling stock and components by refurbishing components that need to be repaired and reinstall them instead of replacing the components with new ones.

VR FleetCare also aims to help customers to develop their operations in a more environmentally friendly way, for example by extending the life cycle of the rolling stock and developing energy efficiency and safety.

With regard to maintenance, the most essential matters relating to energy efficiency are the efficiency of the energy and water consumption needed for the heating of the production premises and the running of the operations, the energy efficiency of the shunting work as well as the operability and efficiency of the material logistics. The focus of development in operations is on developing energy efficiency together with different stakeholders, such as property owners and suppliers. In addition, maintenance supports the development of energy efficiency and circular economy through its technical rolling stock expertise.

We believe that responsible business benefits everyone. In addition to responsibility being valuable to us on its own, it is also action based on values and justified from the business point of view. Often, efficiency and environmental friendliness go hand in hand. In turn, good employee experience shows in the customer experience and ultimately in the company’s results. Furthermore, responsibility opens new business opportunities for us.