Komponettien korjausta

The circular economy is a key factor in mitigating climate change 

The lifecycle of rolling stock is long, and a lot of spare parts are used in their repairs, which circulate refurbished from one rolling stock unit to another.

As a Finnish rolling stock maintenance company, it has always been necessary for us to carefully consider recycling parts/components, and today, sustainability increasingly guides our operations. For decades, we have been looking for different solutions to prolonging the lifecycle of components. In practice, we refurbish components that need to be repaired and reinstall them instead of replacing the components with new ones. Having refurbished spare parts available at the right time ensures the good reliability and availability of the rolling stock.

To ensure the sustainable use of limited natural resources, the material efficiency is of central importance. A circular economy of components is also a reasonable and cost-effective option because, in the best case, the need for a major rolling stock investment can be postponed for up to decades through component maintenance and repairs. In addition, the prices of individual large components are high in the rail industry, and their availability is not a given in the case of rolling stock used for 35–40 years, either.