We are our customer's first choise

Continuous improvement of the customer experience is a key aspect of our business practices

Customer first

A responsible customer experience is about continuous development. All companies strive for a positive image, but in the end, the customer’s experience determines whether a positive image is attained.

At VR FleetCare, we believe that the customer experience is not only influenced by the purchase experience, but by the service we provide, all the way to the end user. This means encountering the customer genuinely in any situation, wanting to listen to the customer, and solving things together.

Customer satisfaction is measured regularly, allowing us to respond to changing needs. Customers are able to question the functionality of the processes and how customer-oriented maintenance services we produce. In addition, customers can give constructive feedback and explain where we are particularly successful. This interaction sums up our objective of improving the customer experience together with the customers.

Customer work is not separate from other day-to-day work, so it is the responsibility of every employee. VR FleetCare employs more than 1,000 professionals, with each role having an impact on the customer’s experience. Therefore, we continuously develop our management and culture as we believe that a good employee experience also provides the best customer experience. Our responsibility goal is to be our customers’ first choice.