Responsibility Promises

1. Safety

We ensure that people and goods reach their destinations in the safest way possible – safety is our way of doing things.

2. Customer orientation 

We are our customers’ first choice. 

3. Employee experience

Together we build an inspiring workplace where everyone feels comfortable.

4. Enviromental responsibility

We reduce the environmental impact of transport and the carbon footprint of society.

5. Corporate social responsibility

We increase Finland's well-being.


Safety Comes First

We at VR FleetCare ensure that our customers rail fleet is safe in all circumstances. We train and lead our employees, so everyone knows how to work safely and correctly. We develop new solutions that improve rail fleet safety and safety of the track maintenance systems.

Conserving Natural Resources by Lengthening Fleet Lifecycle

A circular economy is the fundamental part of rail fleet maintenance. From minor refurbishments to major renovation – we modernize rail fleet to meet customer needs. Instead of being scrapped the fleet’s lifetime is extended. We repair components in need and install them back instead of replacing them with new ones.

Improving and Maintaining Our Customers’ Fleet

We help our customers optimize the rail fleet’s lifecycle costs with new digital solutions. We improve fleet availability with well-timed maintenance and repair work, minimizing the likelihood of any unforeseen disturbances.

Renewing Our Operating Model Putting Customers First

We are continuously looking for new technology solutions to improve our customer service. Our goal is to produce more accurate information of fleet condition and offer cost-effective maintenance services. Due to new technology we can predict upcoming needs of maintenance, thus reducing component failures and traffic disruptions. In addition, we can lengthen the maintenance interval, and increase the efficiency of maintenance and support processes. We avoid unnecessary measures and respond to genuine need.

Enabling world's most sustainable rail traffic