Employee painting a timber wagon

VR FleetCare’s Pieksämäki machine shop ready to start manufacturing domestic timber wagons

Domestic railway transport has increased, and the demand for the rail transport of roundwood in particular has been at a high level. VR FleetCare’s Pieksämäki machine shop is able to start manufacturing new timber wagons on a fast schedule, with the production line ready for commissioning.

According to a temporary amendment to the legislation, international GOST standard wagons will be allowed to operate in Finland until the end of 2026, and it is important to ensure the manufacturing and adequacy of wagons after that as well. If necessary, VR FleetCare’s Pieksämäki machine shop will be able to start manufacturing new timber wagons in line with the EU standard on a very fast schedule for both existing and new customers.

The Pieksämäki machine shop has extensive experience in the manufacture of raw wood wagons and other equipment complying with the EU standard in recent years. Since 2008, a total of almost 500 timber wagons have been completed by the machine shop’s production line. The last batch of 80 wagons was launched in autumn 2022. The production line is ready for commissioning, and the new wagons would be in service within six months of the order.

“We want to be involved in increasing rail transport and promoting the green transition and Finland’s competitiveness. The forest industry is a vital export driver for our country. Based on the preliminary discussions, the companies in the sector also seem to have an interest in investing in EU standard rolling stock after the transition period,” says Otso Ikonen, Senior Vice President of VR FleetCare. 

The locally produced wagons are ideally suited to the conditions in Finland and they help to ensure that enough timber can be transported for the use of the forest industry. Timber wagons manufactured by VR FleetCare, which have already been in use, have been found to be a viable solution. They allow for a good working load, both in terms of weight and volume, for the commonly used timber measures.

“In our opinion, it would be sensible to continue the production of domestic wagons also in terms of security of supply, and to guarantee work in Finland as well,” Ikonen says. “We have good production facilities and tools for manufacturing wagons in Pieksämäki, as well as expertise in the different areas of manufacturing.”

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